April Kibbe

Productivity Coach

Office: 864-640-0859

Email: kwdrivecoaching@gmail.com

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Riley Thacker

Market Center Tech Trainer / Department of Agent Services

Office: 864-279-0813

Email: rthacker@kw.com

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Jeff Stewart

Operating Principal

Office: 828-337-8837

Email: opgvldrive@kw.com

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Kathryn Dotson

Team Leader

Office: 319-329-9295

Email: kfarrand@kw.com

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Bethany Binder

Assistant Team Leader

Office: 864-660-9540

Email: bethanybinder@kw.com

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Sunil Varghese

Broker In Charge

Office: 864-525-7449

Email: sunil@thevarghesegroup.com

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Jodi Monroe

Market Center Administrator

Office: 864-607-4414

Email: klrw1080@kw.com

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Ashley Brooks

Director of First Impressions

Office: 864-567-0632

Email: kwdrivefrontdesk@gmail.com

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