Our mission here at Keller Williams Drive is to continually raise the bar for education about real estate to benefit our own agents and the real estate community of Greenville. These videos will be quick recaps of what we’ve learned in our Extraordinary Business Leader series, where each month we bring in a high-performing agent or business owner to share some of their hard-earned knowledge.

This past month during our Extraordinary Business Leader series, Crystal Lagarde came in from Pennsylvania to spend a day with us and walk us through the six personal perspectives that, when applied to your life and business, will put you on the path toward success.

1. Commit to self-mastery. To do this is to be self-reflective and dedicated to being the very best you can be at a specific skill set. The beauty of this first personal perspective is that, as you work through the rest of the ones to follow, you’ll learn new skills to hone. The key is to recognize where you want to go and to commit to the end result.

2. Commit to the 80/20 principle. Many agents are familiar with the Pareto Principle, which states that 80% of your results stem from 20% of your activities. In other words, to commit to this principle, 80% of your time should be spent focusing on the value-building activities in that 20%.

“Cognitively working through these six perspectives can often pull your business from a stagnant, digressive place and place it back on the path to success.”

3. Move from ‘E’ to ‘P.’ Here, ‘E’ stands for ‘entrepreneurship’ and ‘P’ stands for ‘principles.’ Entrepreneurship has a tremendous amount of value—after you’ve applied the principles and concepts that are already proven to be effective. Start your model with proven systems and models and then work on your entrepreneurial skills after. The majority of agents  and individuals starting a business in real estate want you to start with entrepreneurship without building a bedrock of proven systems, but this often leads to failure.

4. The foundation of your action plan should be learning-based. If you’re not continually seeking new knowledge to help yourself improve, it’s been proven time and again that you will either stagnate or digress in your career. Constantly updating your knowledge base is the difference between improvement or stagnation. 

5. Remove your limiting beliefs. Our fear of failure can hold us back from pursuing something bigger than ourselves. You have to move past that limiting ideology; the beautiful part about it is that as you get better at moving through these six steps, these beliefs will diminish almost automatically if you’re cognitive of them.

6. Be accountable. The difference you’ll see in individuals who surround themselves with great minds and information is amazing—you can accelerate so much more in your skill progression if you work around the right people. When you have individuals who are willing to hold you accountable to the goals you set, the growth you’ll see can be explosive.

Cognitively working through these six perspectives can often pull your business from a stagnant, digressive place and place it back on the path to success.

We had a great time at our Extraordinary Business Leader series, and in future videos, we’ll discuss more of the success-inspiring principles we learned there. If you have any questions in the meantime, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to speak with you to help you orient your business toward greatness.